Association Guide

A word from the Chairman of the Board


Makoto Takahashi
Chairman of the Board


The Telecommunications Carriers Association was established in 1987 with the aim of contributing to the sound growth of the telecommunications industry and to improved convenience for the public by addressing common issues faced by telecommunications carriers.


In FY2021, we must exert all possible efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, while at the same time restoring the economy, in order to bring about a recovery from the pandemic. One of the keys to overcoming this challenge is digital transformation (DX) through the improvement of digital infrastructure and the utilization of digital technologies. To date, industries have already experienced improved efficiency and higher added value through DX; however, in a society and economy both recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, longstanding practices will be reexamined and changed, and activities will be established based on digitalization and remotization, bringing about transformation at the individual, industry, and societal levels, which will lead to the creation of new value.


Given this, I believe that we are charged with the great responsibility of fulfilling our social responsibility, as a general incorporated association whose members are telecommunications carriers at the very heart of DX. We will continue strengthening initiatives to support consumers and to serve society, as well as to contribute to the sound development of telecommunications businesses, including efforts to ensure the safety and reliability of information and communication networks to serve as infrastructure in the DX era, towards the further growth of the info-communications industry, with our first priority being increased convenience for the people of Japan.


In July of this year, telephone relay services will start. These services, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allow persons with hearing or speech disabilities to communicate over the telephone with persons with normal hearing, through operators who interpret between signed or written language and spoken language. The Telecommunications Carriers Association has been designated by the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications as a support organization for telephone relay services, and as such we will strive to contribute to the smooth and reliable implementation of these services.


In this fiscal year, too, all members of the association will continue to give our all, in our competition with one another.


June, 2021