Association Guide

Organization & Operations


  1. Discussion of items of shared or mutual concern for telecommunications carriers.
  2. Liaison coordination and presentation of proposals for various problems related to the telecommunications industry.
  3. Enlightenment or advertising related to the telecommunications industry.
  4. Surveys and research into matters of technology, management, etc., related to the telecommunications industry.
  5. Toward eligible telecommunications carriers (ETCs), we shall support the cost for providing universal telecommunications service and conduct work that accompanies such activities.
  6. All other operations necessary for the achievement of the objectives of the Association.

Consultation Division

Consultation Division
General Assembly
Board of Directors
Support Service Advisory Committee This committee studies and deliberates upon important matters concerning execution of the universal service support service.
Steering Committee The Steering Committee considers various important issues including items discussed by the General Assembly and Board of Directors, and refers them to the appropriate committee for investigation.
Committee for Legislative System This committee studies matters related to various legislation such as tax laws and regulation.
Consumer Support Committee Examines various consumer support issues.
Mobile Communications Committee Provides and exchanges information on recycling and etiquette related to the usage of PHS and mobile phones, information related to unpaid charges, and spam mail information.
Council for Safety and Reliability This committee promotes coordination of carrier activities including sharing of various information among carriers with the objective of securing the safety and reliability of telecommunications system, and also tackles a variety of issues.
Business Division
Managing Director Secretariat Chief General Affairs Department
Planning Department
Coordination Department
Research Department
Universal Service Support Office

Consultation Division&Business Division